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3R Gallery features the art of ELIZABETH BALZER and BRANDON ZSOLNAY. Below are links to Elizabeth's latest artworks.

More...VARANASI (2017).
More...UNTITLED B&W (2016).
More...WE R (2016).


Elizabeth traveled to Washington D.C. to participate in the Womens March on January 21st. What an inspiring event! She carried her infrared camera and took many hundreds of photographs.

Click HERE to view some of her images from this gathering.


During the past couple of years, Eric photographed EYES of folks from our community, and Elizabeth has created hundreds of images from these photographs.

Click HERE to view some of these community EYE images.

We have been in contact with the Downtown Improvement District and various businesses about showing these EYES in front windows. More details to come . . .


copyrighted image 3R Gallery does not have an exhibit at this time.

Elizabeth's series Varanasi (2017), Untitled B&W (2016), and We R (2016) were recently added to the Galleries. Currently, she is developing ideas for a new series of images.

Click HERE for the location and hours of 3R Gallery.

copyrighted image The art of Elizabeth Balzer, PhD, is on display at 3R Gallery. Elizabeth is the artist-owner of 3R Gallery. Her visionary art will transport your mind beyond the ordinary, and images will be continuously rotated throughout the year. Click HERE to read about Elizabeth's art, or click HERE to view her art galleries.

copyrighted image 3R Gallery also showcases the art of Brandon Zsolnay throughout the year. Brandon is a freelance artist and his mind-bending visual images will be on permanent display at 3R Gallery, with newer art pieces continuously rotating through our ongoing exhibitions. Click HERE to read about Brandon's art, or click HERE to view his art gallery.

Please visit this site often as our exhibits and art are continually changing. And if you live in the Fort Wayne area, we hope to see you at our gallery.

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